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Printing to the Numbers
The Business Benefits of Color Quality Management Software

The combination of easier color standard deployment, real-time monitoring, traceability and process improvement benefits made possible by color quality software offers printers a tangible opportunity to improve both their top and bottom line. Printers who can demonstrate a process optimized for “printing to the numbers” are able to win more business, maintain happy customers who give them repeat business, and maintain a decent profit for each job they deliver.

The Journey to Closed Loop Color Control on Flexographic Presses

By Dan Dupuis

With improvements in computing power and the reduction of processing cost, today there exists the ability to measure at the speeds required for continuous web print processes at price points that are much more cost effective. While full automation still seems a bit elusive in the flexographic market, there is hope for the future.

The Benefits of CIELab for Consistent Color Matching

By Hapet Berberian

  • Process control and the importance of a reference color space
  • The benefits of CIELab in the G7™ calibration process
  • Automated aids to attaining press aim characteristics
A Functional Comparison of Densitometers and Spectrophotometers

By Hapet Berberian
In deciding on the appropriate color measurement instrumentation, it is essential that you understand the differences between these two instruments.

  • Densitometer operational characteristics
  • Spectrophotometer metrics defined
  • Automated versus handheld measuring instruments
Automation and Scanning in the Pressroom

By Dieter Kleeberg
Inking Control in Offset Printing: The Advantages of Automated Scanning Systems Compared with Handheld Instruments

  • Density measurements with handheld instruments
  • Automated measuring systems
  • Inline measuring systems
  • Open loop, closed loop, presets
Inline Demystification: Value Proposition for the Print Service Provider from Automated In-Line Color Control

By Hapet Berberian

  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Automated on-the-fly color correction
  • On press generation of ICC color profile
Inline Demystification: An Overview of a Closed Loop Continuous Color Control Model

By Hapet Berberian

  • Main Components of Automated Closed Loop Color Monitoring and Correction System
Inline Demystification: Introduction Automated On-Press Color Control – The Technology and the Value Drivers

By Hapet Berberian

  • Automated initial colorant adjustments
  • On-the-fly setup
  • No interruption of press runs
  • Improved overall throughput
How to Implement a Color Quality Control Process for Packaging

By Bob Byrnes

  • Does your company need a color quality control process?
  • Can you afford not to have one?
  • 5 simple steps to set one up
Stepping Stones Toward Developing a Color Quality Control Process

By Bob Byrnes

  • Focus Where Color Control has the Greatest Impact
  • Approach Color Process Control as a Team
  • First Identify How Customers Communicate Their Color Requirements
  • Understand the Challenges of the Color of Paper

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