Why Techkon is Unique
Quality Assurance . User Experience . Open Connectivity . Exceptional Service

Printers of all sizes and around the globe rely on Techkon’s pressroom color management solutions. While using Techkon solutions, printers have confidence they will meet or exceed specific customer or industry quality standards, such as ISO and G7, while avoiding excess waste of ink and paper. And in a business with razor-thin margins, the make-ready and press-run savings made possible by Techkon products assure higher profitability on every job.

Here’s why Techkon products are the color measurement tools of choice for printers around the world:

Quality Assurance

The importance of ‘printing to the numbers’ puts QA at the heart of everything we do. Our ink formulation platform matches most colors on the first pass. Our handheld and scanning color measurement devices can immediately show pass/fail status relative to in-house and customer requirements. ChromaQA, our sophisticated, cloud-based, quality assurance solution, lets printers instantly monitor the color quality of jobs on press.  Collectively, Techkon products shorten make-ready cycles, reduce the number of re-makes, increase color accuracy & consistency, and ultimately allow our customers to recognize significant savings in ink and paper by detecting color problems early in the print production process.

User Experience

Techkon instruments are fast, accurate, and the most ergonomic pressroom color management tools in the market. Whether it’s the rugged and reliable design of our measurement devices or the intuitiveness of our software products, operators consistently prefer our products to the legacy devices they have used in the past.  Our extensive product design process pays great attention to every detail of the user experience while incorporating real world, and end-user feedback collected during their development.

Open Connectivity

In an industry known for vendors that try to ‘lock’ printers into their proprietary hardware and software, Techkon has always believed that an open approach is far better for our customers. Therefore, it’s not a coincidence that our instrumentation measures like those from our largest competitor ensuring that they can be used interchangeably at any point across the print production workflow.  In addition, Techkon devices connect seamlessly to any other color quality and software applications that wish to connect to our devices.  Our network of software development partners is growing and we’re committed to this open approach moving forward.  We want our customers to have choices and to pair our instruments with software from any other vender.

Exceptional Service

Finally, perhaps more important than the remarkable performance of our products, is our exceptional customer service. Our customers are quick to point out our responsiveness and willingness to make them succeed. Our teams draw on extensive customer, industry and product experience to provide highly personalized advice and guidance through the sales process and anytime you need support.