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Techkon USA is committed to providing educational webinars presented by industry leaders and related to all facets of the print and packaging industries. Please join us for any or all of our webinars.

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Presented by: Ron Ellis

Watch the webinar entitled 2018 Printer’s Guide to G7 written by Ron Ellis, an expert in the field of printing and a G7 consultant..

SCTV(Spot Color Tone Value)

Presented by: Steve Smiley and Devin Abramowitz

This method for the calculation of Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) produces approximately uniform visual spacing of tones between substrate and solid.

Connect Your Print Color Team with ChromaQA

Presented by: Devin Abramowitz and Steve Rankin

Devin and Steve present our new Enterprise Grade Print Color Quality Solution.

Color Verification – Going Beyond the Delta E

Presented by: Bruce Bayne, SpotON

Bruce Bayne will demonstrate the power of a VISUAL MATCH SCORE based on innovative cumulative relative frequency research.

Bruce Bayne
Fundamentals of Color Technology for Printers

Presented by: Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D.

Bruce Leigh Myers presents an in-depth seminar on measurement basics including instruments, metrics, and terminology.

New Reference Print Conditions for the 21st Century

Presented by: Dan Reid, RPimaging, INC

Dan discusses the availability of new GRACoL 2013 (CRPC6) and new reference print conditions (CRPC1 -CRPC7) and much more!

Dan Reid
New for 2016 Webinar

Presented by: Devin Abramowitz, Sales Manager

Devin discusses new features on the handheld devices, our closed loop color control system, ink formulation, and the launch of the GV Spectro.

Don Hutcheson Webinar

Presented by: Don Hutcheson, G7 Inventor

Don discusses recent changes to the G7 Master program, why these changes were made, and how they benefit both G7 Masters and print buyers. Learn from the inventor of G7.

Don Hutcheson
Frank Romano Webinar

Presented by: Allison Lakacha, Marketing Manager

This is a web-based interview with legendary printing industry guru, Frank Romano, featuring expert advice on the future of printing, a first-hand look at the museum-worthy printing collectibles and memorabilia in his private home library, and a rare opportunity to participate in an open question and answer period with one of the greatest minds in the industry.

Frank Romano
Creating Color Libraries Webinar

Presented by: Sam Swartz, Lead Technical Support Representative

This is a 30-minute webinar designed to give participants step by step instructions on exactly how to create and load color libraries on the SpectroDens. The color libraries feature is invaluable as it:

    • Allows for customer-specified or industry standard color libraries to be stored on the actual device
    • Automatically finds the closest color in the library to the measured color patch
Sam Swartz
G7 Print Condition Webinar

Presented by: Ron Ellis, Color Management Consultant, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC
Guest Speaker: Jim Wachob, Prepress Systems Manager, HardingPoorman Group

Being able to maintain a press calibration is as important as the initial calibration procedure itself. Today’s successful printers are able to consistently print with great repeatability. A great part of this is the ability to measure color, understand what these measurements mean, and use this information to improve your daily production. In this topic we will cover how to use measurements for process control, and how to hold and adjust the calibration of a G7 reference print condition.

Ron Ellis
The Value of Color Quality Assurance Webinar

Presented by: Director of Technical Sales

The challenge for flexographic, digital and packaging printers to produce accurate and consistent color to exacting customer’s standards has grown exponentially over time. Printing single jobs on multiple presses and print facilities presents the unique challenge of how to catch color, density and dot gain variations early in the print process. Implementing a color quality assurance process enabling printers to set and monitor the color tolerances for density, delta E and dot gain, and that provides immediate detailed feedback on how well the job is conforming to customer tolerances during production, regardless of location, is the answer.

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