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Our G7™ Certified Experts are available for onsite training of your staff and to help you calibrate your presses and submit the samples required for G7 Master Printer Qualification.  Typically, this process involves 3 full days but it is customizable to meet your specific needs.  While onsite, our G7 Experts will accomplish the following:

  • Training of your team on the G7 calibration methodology
  • Calibration and verification of up to 3 presses or papers using G7 methodology
  • Calibration and verification of your proofing system using G7 methodology
  • Assist you with the application and submission process for your G7 Master Print Qualification
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Techkon is committed partnering with industry-leading experts to create whitepapers, articles, videos, and webinars on the most current G7 topics.

Printer’s Guide to G7

by Ron Ellis
Download our free 17-page Printer’s Guide to learn more about the background on G7, the role of paper and machine preparation, the steps to perform G7 calibration, the proof to press match and production checking, and the tools needed for calibration and evaluation.

G7 Key Adoption Considerations

by Ron Ellis
There has been a great deal of buzz about G7 in the past few years. G7 is a calibration method and set of print aims. (GRACoL and SWOP are charactization data sets based on using the G7 method). G7 is often thought of as a must-have for large sheetfed and web operations.

G7 Features and Functionality, and the Value of Adopting this Important Standard

by Dan Reid
Density is a great metric of tracking and controlling fluctuations on a printing press but not a good indicator of how the color correlates to the human eye. Colorimetry is proven to communicate color and provide tolerancing that closely associates with our eyes.

Maintaining a G7 Print Condition

by Ron Ellis
Being able to maintain a press calibration is as important as the initial calibration procedure itself. G7 has been a great tool for US printers because in addition to providing a calibration method it provides a target and set of aims for all the devices in the plant. Prior to G7 most US printers used the press as the target.

Don Hutcheson Webinar

Presented by: Don Hutcheson, G7 Inventor
Don discusses recent changes to the G7 Master program, why these changes were made, and how they benefit both G7 Masters and print buyers. Learn from the inventor of G7.

G7 Print Condition Webinar

Presented by: Ron Ellis, Color Management Consultant, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC
Guest Speaker: Jim Wachob, Prepress Systems Manager, HardingPoorman Group
Being able to maintain a press calibration is as important as the initial calibration procedure itself. Today’s successful printers are able to consistently print with great repeatability. A great part of this is the ability to measure color, understand what these measurements mean, and use this information to improve your daily production.

Idealliance Control Wedge

SpectroDENS now supports scanning of IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 Control Wedge 2013. This control wedge is needed for IDEAlliance certification of proofing devices. It is also useful for quality checks of pre-press proofs as well as production printers/presses.

G7 Enhancements

Get the G7 Enhancements that allow scanning G7 control strips from SpotOn, PressSign and Techkon GrayGuide in seconds. This makes routine use of G7 control much easier on the press and on the pre-press as compared to measuring targets in spot mode…

Learn How G7 is Built Right Into Our Most Popular Products

The Techkon SpetroDENS was the first handheld device to offer integrated support for the Idealliance G7 specification and continues to be the only measurement device which reports G7 measurements relative to the measurement of your actual printing stock. Read more about how the following 5 Techkon solutions support G7.

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