Handheld and Scanning Densitometer
SpectroDens | Handheld & Scanning Densitometer
Conveniently Operated

SpectroDENS gives press operators a fast, and convenient way to control print color and density.

Built to Last

The SpectroDens features a unique, patented design making it the most ergonomic and rugged handheld available for pressroom use.


The spectral color engine delivers unbeatable measurement accuracy and consistency over time.

SpectroDens Highlights
Quick Measurement of Color and Density
Both process and spot colors can be controlled. Shows solid ink density, % dot area, gray balance and deltaE color values important for Pantone®* and critical brand colors.
Density Adjustment Recommendation
Suggests ink density adjustment that will give the best color match. A unique report shows density variation across press along with adjustment for each section.
Spot and Scan Measurement in Same Device
Scan any color bar containing up to 54 patches; no guide bar required, 4 wheels keep straight alignment while scanning.
Implement G7™ Compliance and Control
G7 feature that displays recommended ink key specific adjustments of C,M,Y densities to obtain neutral values according to the G7 specification.
Quick Proof Verification by Scan Media Wedge
Scan control wedge in seconds to confirm proofs against ISO 12647-7 and known datasets like GRACol, SWOP3, SWOP5, IFRA, UGRA/FOGRA G7™ etc.
ISO Check in 3 Seconds
Quick method for verifying print-to-print and print-to-standard color quality clearly indicating a pass or fail condition.
QC Software Included
Create, edit and manage your color libraries. Export color data, generate QC reports, manage instrument, all with SpectroConnect.
Additional Information

SpectroDENS has been evaluated and adopted by printing companies big and small with the highest standards for quality. Our customers include Bemis, Quad, RockTenn, Menasha, Heidelberg, RR Donnelly. Here are some examples of their comments:

“We use the Techkon SpectroDens here. Works great for us, includes measurement export, nice trending features and a lot of features built in to one device. The ink check feature is very user friendly as well.”

“You are absolutely right the Techkon SpectroDens is very rugged and reliable.”

“The Techkon SpectroDens has the better UI, superior ergonomics, measurement speed, and nice *free* software.”

“We have both and the Techkon is better designed all the way around. If for no other reason, you can set it directly on the patch you want to measure and take a reading.”

“We just bought 3 of the Techkon SpectroDens, all the bells and whistles. Love them, why we waited this long I have no idea. Easy to use and amazingly…a fully charged battery last more than 10 minutes and you can use them not plugged up to a power cord!! WOW!!  Great customer service too, they will actually call you back…

“It’s just amazingly fast. I use it to do G7 Gray Balance Optimizations and I can
either read the minispots in spot or scan mode.”

“I’m going to throw in my vote for Techkon to…amazing consistency, accuracy and very easy to use. The software they provided (Expresso) and some other newer innovations are great. Some of their most recent software even includes helpful troubleshooting tips (i.e. it detects consistent slur in your last unit, it will recommend tension adjustments that may be helpful; obviously on a web press). Nice little package.”

What size aperture is included with SpectroDens?
The SpectroDens comes with a 3mm aperture. A smaller 1.5mm aperture is available at an additional cost.

Is the SpectroDens a densitometer or a spectrophotometer?
Both. Measurement is spectral. The spectral data is converted into density or colorimetric information. The spectral measurement technology calculates not only density values for CMYK, but also exact data for the density of spot colors.

Are there different versions available?
Yes, there are three different performance packages: The Basic model with essential density functions, the Advanced version with extended density functions and colorimetry and the “all-options” flagship the Premium device.

Can the units be upgraded?
Yes, very easy via program upload with the USB connection to a PC.

Which TECHKON products are replaced by SpectroDens?
The former R410 and R410e devices are in functionality comparable to SpectroDens Basic. SpectroDens Advanced replaces the SD 620 and SpectroDens Premium the SP 820 and SP 830 products.

What is included in the package?
The measurement device, charging console with integrated white standard, device case, USB-cable, CD with software SpectroConnect, manual with ISO 9000 certificate.

Is PantoneLIVE Connectivity available with SpectroDens?
The “partner ecosystem” for PantoneLIVE includes several software solution providers for color quality control. Their products are licensed to access PantoneLIVE color libraries. Typically, measurement devices connect with the color QC software which in turn connects with PantoneLIVE. Examples of widely used print color quality applications that connect with PantoneLIVE are MeasureColor and HAVI ColorSentry. Both of these applications, among others, also connect with Techkon SpectroDENS. Any other software application can also be easily connected with Techkon devices. Read more.

Measurement Modes Basic Advanced Premium
Automatic CMYK Density Measurement
Gray Balance
Dot Area, Gain & Contrast
Ink Trapping
USB/ Wifi Optional
Spectral Density (Spot Color Density)
Characteristic Printing Curve
Printing Plate
Slur and Doubling Value
Density Graph
Expresso Mini (Density Trend)
Scan Single or Multiple Row Color Bars (Print Curve Density)
Supports M0-M3 Measuring Conditions
Displays Visual Color Difference
CIE Color Reports and Remission Curve
Gracol G7™ - GrayGuide
Ink Check (Color Guide)
Color Library
On-board Memory stores up to 4,500 Colors
ISO Check (Scan or Spot Measurements)
CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99
Scan Single or Multiple Row Color Bars (Color and Density)
Metamerism index
Whiteness, Yellowness
Pass-Fail Tolerance
Media Wedge (Scan or Spot Measurements)
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