Closed Loop Print Color Control
A 3-Part System

PressLINK is a system that consists of ink key presetting, press sheet scanning, and closed loop control.

Modernize an Old Press

The ability to connect with most older presses is a key capability of PressLINK. You can modernize an old press to get improved productivity, lower cost and better color.

Save Time and Money

Typical savings are 30% in make-ready time, 50% reduction in color variations. In addition, paper waste is reduced by at least 100 sheets per job. The return-on-investment is 6 months or less.

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PressLink Components

Digital Ink Preset

Digital Ink Preset

Press Console Interface Box

Press Console Interface Box

PressLINK software calculates ink coverage from pre-press data and converts it to ink key preset data. This information is passed to the press console enabling precise ink fountain presetting. The result is less waste and faster make-ready.

PressLINK comes with a interface box that connects with presses from different manufacturers.
The software supports common pre-press technologies.
Ink coverage can be calculated from CIP3/4, or if this option is not available, from other RIP formats.
Ink presets are optimized by the software based on press characteristics calculated from actual data.
The system stores jobs and press characteristics for later use.
It is possible to support more than one press from a single interface box.

Closed Loop Control

Closed Loop Control

Results from Closed Loop Control

PressLINK gives operators quality control feedback during the run and can automatically adjust the ink keys to keep the colors on target during the press run. The SpectroDRIVE scanning spectrophotometer included with PressLINK can scan color bars on a 40” press sheet in 8 seconds. Current color values and trends are shown on the screen. Ink fountain adjustments are calculated by the software and sent to the press console. The console adjusts ink keys so that required density values are maintained for the entire press run. This enables match to reference sheet. The system also enables better adherence to GRACoL G7 and other printing standards. Clients get the highest level of color consistency.

The press interface hardware secures communication with the press console. There are different press connection solutions for different press consoles. The same interface enables prepress to press as well as spectrophotometer to press connectivity. The system is operated from touchscreen or keyboard.

Presses supported include Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi, KBA, Komori, Sakurai, Ryobi, Shinohara, Muller Martini, Adast, Polly and others. Over 1000 systems installed globally in last 5 years.


Installing the system typically results in make-ready time reduction of 8 to 10 minutes per job. For a press that runs 10 jobs/day, 250 days/year and costs $200/hour, the savings in make-ready time alone is worth $100,000 per year.

In addition, paper savings of 100 sheets per job can be seen. Assuming a cost of 10 cents per 40” sheet this results in $27,500 additional savings per year.

Savings With PressLink

Make-ready time saved



Paper saved per job



Color variation reduction



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