Recertification Program

To ensure that your Techkon measurement device is functioning properly and meets our strict international standards, we recommend it be evaluated every 24 months at a Techkon Service Center. (Check date of manufacturing printed on the last page of the user’s manual to determine if evaluation is due.)

The Techkon 24 month CLEAN, CHECK, AND CERTIFY PROGRAM includes:

  • Clean of instrument optics
  • Check/replace battery charging capacity
  • Check/replace lamp
  • Check white standard
  • Verify & Update internal device calibration
  • Upload new firmware
  • Complete functionality test
  • ISO9001 compliant certificate

Note: Techkon offers a 24 month warranty on exchanged batteries and lamps

How it Works

Please REQUEST AN RMA. You will automatically receive an RMA# to use when shipping your device back to the Techkon Service Center at 185 Centre St. Suite 101, Danvers, MA 01923.

While conducting preventive maintenance services, if we encounter a malfunction of the unit we will provide a repair cost estimate and wait for your approval.

When a device is sent in for repair, there is a minimum $200 evaluation charge. If a repair is required and the cost exceeds $200, Techkon will provide a repair cost estimate and wait for your approval. Published repair prices do not include shipping.

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